ORTU traders is a leather supplier. 

We are a supplier of the finest quality raw leathers.
We offer a huge selection of leather skins/hides, year round. Our hides come from the best tanners in Italy, France, Spain and Argentina where most of our production and sourcing is done.
We are a high volume leather distributor and are located in the USA. We carry most types of hides from lambskin, suede, calf, cowhide, sheepskin, snake, pigskin, kangaroo, etc. Most finishes are available for your project: distressed, perforated, embossed, shiny, glossy, grainy, patent, etc...
Whether you are a contractor, designer, craft artist, upholstery artisan, manufacturer, car leather upholsterer or a passionate leather aficionado, we'll always have great leather for your project, at your budget. 
Visit our warehouse in Downtown Los Angeles, in the heart of the Downtown Fashion District, and explore our unique selection of premium leather. For hands on selecting and expert advice on your project, ask Frank, our leather specialist from France (30+ years in the leather business!).

Visit our website:

ORTU leather.com 


(213) 765 0905


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